Do All Drones Have Cameras?

Do All Drones Have Cameras
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It seems that the ideal drone is the one that is equipped with a high-definition camera that is capable of shooting from all sorts of angles. However, can such a description be applied to every drone? Do all drones have cameras? And, if they don’t, why would anyone choose a model without one?

Do All Drones Have Cameras?

To answer the most pressing question right off the bat, no, not all drones have cameras. In fact, many great drones and the majority of less expensive drones are not equipped with a camera.

Why does a person even choose a non-camera drone? A person may choose a drone without a camera for a number of reasons.

For one, non-camera drones are far less expensive than those with a camera, so those who are shopping for a drone on a budget often gravitate towards non-camera models. Inexpensive camera drones are available, but the footage they document is sometimes unclear.

It should also be pointed out that camera drones often require the user to connect the device to their smartphone, particularly those that are capable of live streaming. Many parents are understandably reluctant to grant their children access to a smartphone, so those who are shopping for a drone as a gift may choose a model without a camera to eliminate the need for phone and internet usage.

Additionally, camera drones are not always ideal for beginners as they add an extra dimension that must be mastered, which can make the learning experience stressful. Thus, those who are serious about mastering the art of piloting a drone sometimes choose a non-camera drone since it allows them to focus strictly on flying the device. Then, when they are confident in their abilities as a pilot, they upgrade to a camera-equipped drone.

Do All Camera Drones Require a Smartphone?

We mentioned in the previous section that many camera drones have to be connected to a smartphone or similar device in order for videos and photographs to be viewed. While this is the case with a lot of models on the market right now, it is not true across the board.

There are some camera drones that come packaged with a monitor, which is generally integrated into the control panel to allow the pilot to view footage captured by their aircraft without the need for a smartphone.

Obviously, such drones are not quite as high-tech as their smartphone-compatible alternatives, but they are a popular choice among young pilots who may not have access to a smartphone and older pilots who just don’t want the hassle of having to connect to a smart device.

Do All Drones Have Cameras

Are All Camera Drones Suitable for FPV Racing?

FPV drone racing is a sport wherein drone pilots compete against each other to complete set courses within a given time. Since an FPV drone must stream footage lively directly to a headset worn by its pilot, not all drones are suitable for use in FPV races.

Many camera drones are only capable of recording videos and capturing photos that can be viewed later on. Hence, if you plan to enter FPV racing, it is imperative that you choose a camera drone that has been designed with the sport in mind.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on a Camera Drone?

It’s hard to give a definitive answer to this question since camera drones come in different price ranges. There are models available for $50 and below, but they don’t always produce the clearest images and are rarely capable of live streaming, making them more suitable for hobbyists.

If you want something a little more impressive but would still like to keep costs down, you will be able to find a reliable camera drone with a price between $100 and $200. Those who wish to pilot a premium-grade camera drone should be prepared to spend more than $200.


The answer to the question "Do all drones have cameras?" is a no in order to make sure that every enthusiast can find a model suited for him or her. Manufacturers release drones without cameras to cater the needs of beginners, hobbyists, and budget-conscious individuals. On the other hand, camera drones are designed for those who use their drones for aerial photography and videography, as well as for FPV racing.

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