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Best Beginner Drone with Camera of 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Beginner Drone with Camera of 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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There are plenty of beginner drones, but reliable beginner camera drones are not so easy to find. Thankfully, some quality camera drones allow users to document their flights and develop the skills necessary to pilot a more advanced model.

Hence, to help you out, we will share the most noteworthy of them with you today and will review and compare each one of them for you to find the best beginner drone with cameras for you.

Best Beginner Drone with Camera Reviews

Flight Time

Force1 Drone for Beginners
  • Altitude Hold
  • 120° Wide-Angle 720p HD Camera
  • 2.4Ghz Remote Controller
  • Can do 360° flips
  • Easy to put together
  • Extra propellers and two motors
  • Images are a bit grainy
15 minutes

  • Air pressure sensor
  • One-Button Take off/Landing
  • One-Button Speeds Switch
  • Good video quality
  • Spare replacement blades included
  • 6 axis stabilization system
  • App doesn’t work on some Androids
8 minutes

Potensic Drone with Camera, U42WH
  • Barometer set height function
  • HD Wi-Fi camera
  • Emergency STOP function
  • Quick set-up
  • Low battery alarm warning
  • First Person View
  • Propellers feel flimsy
10 minutes

Potensic Drone with HD Camera, F181DH
  • 5.8GHz wireless HD monitor
  • Powerful air pressure altitude hold
  • 3D flip button
  • 5 minute set-up
  • Good HD quality images/videos
  • Backup spare part included
  • Low flight time
5-7 minutes

DROCON Drone for Beginners X708W
  • Real-time WI-FI transmission
  • Twin-Speed Modes
  • One-Key Return
  • Protective propeller covers
  • Can fly about 80m
  • Replacement propellers included
  • 60-90 charging time
8-9 minutes

1. Force1 U49C Red Heron Camera Drone

Force1 has long been one of the most famous names in the drone industry, so it’s no surprise that many miniature aviation newcomers have loved its U49C Red Heron Camera Drone.


The camera with which this drone comes equipped with boasts 720P HD video that can capture 120° wide-angle shots. Its SD card allows you to save all images captured for you to upload them easily. Additionally, the U49C Red Hero Camera Drone has three different speed levels and boasts a flight time of 15 minutes when fully charged.

Given that this drone was designed with novice pilots in mind, Force1 fitted it with multiple flight-assist features, including one-key takeoff and landing, altitude hold, and headless modes. This drone will set you back close to $100, which is not really costly when you consider the price of many premium-grade drones. However, it may be out of the price range of a total drone novice who can’t guarantee they will still be interested in the hobby a month from purchase.


  • check
    Flight assistance
  • check
    Multiple batteries
  • check
    Wide-angle shooting
  • Various speed levels


  • No FPV feature
  • Not suitable for windy conditions

2. HASAKEE H1 FPV Drone Camera

If you wish to participate in FPV racing, you’re going to need a drone that matches the very specific requirements set by the sport’s governing bodies, and that is what HASAKEE H1 FPV Drone Camera is designed for.


Capable of live streaming from its high-definition camera, the HASAKEE H1 is arguably the ideal drone for FPV racing rookies. With a 6-axis gyro stabilization system to ensure a consistent path, the HASAKEE H1 simplifies the navigation process, so much that even a child can master it after a couple of practices.

One of our favorite things about this drone is its accompanying app. When you connect this drone to your smartphone, you will be able to use its gravity sensor mode to control it simply by moving your smartphone in your desired direction.

As impressive as the features of the HASAKEE H1 is, its maximum flight time is disappointing. Even on a full charge, it is not capable of remaining in the air for more than five minutes, which makes it entirely unsuitable for longer FPV courses.

It is also worth mentioning that the HASAKEE H1 has become pretty challenging to find over the past couple of months. The manufacturer has some alternative models on the market, but if you have your heart set on this one, you’re likely going to experience some difficulty tracking it down.


  • check
    Suitable for FPV racing
  • check
    One-key return
  • check
    Quality camera
  • Has a dedicated app for navigation


  • Poor flight time
  • No longer widely available
  • Unclear instruction manual

3. Potensic U42WH Drone Camera

If you’re hoping to keep costs down, you should consider the U42WH from Potensic. Selling for just $40, this drone boasts a multitude of features.


The Potensic U42WH Drone Camera can be connected to your smartphone via its accompanying Flyingsee app, allowing you to document your drone’s journeys real time. Equipped with a one-touch takeoff and landing button, even the most inexperienced pilot can safely navigate this aircraft.

This drone also comes with an emergency stop button that can be used to avoid collisions or crashes, ensuring it comes to a safe halt before any damage can occur. To add more, the drone does not require registration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which means you can start using it the moment you take it out of the box.

While the Potensic U42WH is undeniably impressive in many areas, it is one of the most difficult drones under $100 to manually land, which is certainly going to be an issue for beginners. On top of this, its wings are quite delicate and may be damaged by a rocky landing.


  • check
  • check
    Ready to be used out of the box
  • check
    Can be shut off immediately
  • Real-time documentation of shots


  • Delicate wings
  • Difficult to land manually
  • No photography filters

4. Potensic F181DH Drone Camera

As another drone camera from Potensic, the F181DH is a little pricier than the previous model. Are its features worthy of its price?


One of our favorite features of the Potensic F181DH is its FPV transmission, which makes it possible to view footages captured by your drone as it occurs. Also, all footages are streamed to the drone’s accompanying monitor, eliminating the need for a smartphone.

The F181DH boasts superior altitude hold, which utilizes a high-density air pressure sensor to hold the aircraft at a predetermined height. Meanwhile, the drone’s 6-axis gyro stabilization technology ensures it does not waver from its flight path.

Additionally, if you’re searching for a drone that you can perform tricks with, the F181DH is a perfect choice. With its one-push 3D flip button, this drone can perform a full 360° flip!

This drone generally has a higher price than the other models featured in this article, which means you must ensure that you plan to use it for years. It should also be pointed out that some who have purchased this drone have complained about its motor life.

In an attempt to prevent its motor from burning out, many owners refrain from long flights and minimize the number of flips, which makes you wonder why you would bother paying extra for a one-push 3D flip button.


  • check
    FPV real-time transmission
  • check
    Can do a lot of tricks
  • check
    Stable flight and height
  • Does not require a smartphone
  • Comes with replacement parts and batteries


  • Poor motor life
  • Expensive
  • Unclear instruction manual

5. DROCON X708W Drone Camera

Sleek and inexpensive, the X708W Drone Camera from DROCON looks like the kind of drone you would expect Apple to produce. Although it may not have quite as many features as an iPhone, it has close to everything a novice drone pilot requires to fall in love with the hobby.


The DROCON X708W Drone Camera was designed with FPV racing in mind. It boasts real-time transmission from its camera direct to the mobile device to which it is connected.

Owing to its headless mode, this drone can be flown in different directions, regardless of the direction it is currently facing by simply pressing the coinciding button and holding it down for two seconds.

Another notable feature is its one-key return home function, which is not commonly seen in drones in its price range. With a flick of a switch, you can return this drone to its designated base.

Given its low price, it’s no surprise that the DROCON X708W has a couple of shortcomings. Among the most noteworthy is its unimpressive flight time. Even after a full charge, which can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, the X708W will run for less than 10 minutes, with most users reporting an average of seven minutes.


  • check
    360° flips
  • check
    Flies in different directions
  • check
    Easy to land
  • HD camera


  • Short flight time
  • Long charge time
  • No SD Card


Finding a quality drone camera is a challenge, and it becomes more difficult when you’re a beginner because you do not really know what you need to look for. The five models we discussed above each meet specific needs and lifestyle.

Nonetheless, those who don’t mind spending a little bit of cash are suggested to purchase the Potensic F181DH. With its FPV camera, it opens the door not just to aerial photography, but FPV racing as well. Its one-touch takeoff and landing mode also allows you to have total control of the aircraft regardless of your experience level.

On the other hand, for those who would rather keep expenditure to a minimum, but still want the best beginner drone with camera, the U42WH from Potensic is highly recommended. Although it is not suitable for FPV racing, it does boast one-touch takeoff and landing, as well as an emergency stop button and an accompanying app, which make flying a drone easier and more fun.

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